Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions below.

Q: I see a job that is a good fit with my skills. How do I apply?
A: The best way to apply is through our online portal. The Employment Listings tab above will take you to the right place.  We do require online applications be completed for every candidate.

Q: I looked at the job listings and didn’t see anything for which I am qualified. Should I send a resume anyway?

A: We recommend you wait to apply until an opening is available for which you are both qualified and interested.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I re-apply for a position?
A: You can re-apply for reconsideration after six months if the position is still open at that time.

Q: What happens to my resume after I submit it?
A: If your resume is submitted for a current opening, following review, you may receive a telephone interview so we can learn more about you. Due to the large volume of resumes received, we personally contact only those applicants we currently believe would be a good fit for WaferTech. 

Q: How does WaferTech's interview process work?
A: After our initial resume screening process, WaferTech generally conducts one or two rounds of face-to-face interviews with candidates of interest. Our diligent interview process is an opportunity for you to learn as much about us as we learn about you.  Some positions require a test before interviews will take place.  You will learn about this if selected for that process.

Q: What kind of training is provided for new hires?
A: All new employees attend WaferTech's New Employee Orientation. Additional training, if needed, will depend upon the specific position and department for which you are hired.

Q: Does WaferTech have internship opportunities?
A: Yes.  WaferTech offers summer internships for college students.  The types of internships are different each year.  Postings for summer internships will be on our website by January of that year.  Recruitment takes place in winter/spring.